The reference „Hietzinger Hauptstraße 104“

The 1910 planned townhouse from the then famous architect Heinrich Marek is one of four side-by-side buildings, which together form an illustrative ensemble. Due to the prominence of the building, the demand for rehabilitation was not minimal. Also, as these days many art connoisseurs seek out the street, to see the houses in the neighborhood, where the known painter Egon Schiele worked, lived and died.

In the residential building, 8 living units with a usable area of a total of approx. 1,200 m ² were rehabilitated. Currently, the complete attic will be expanded with 266 m².

Egon Schiele took pleasure therein.


  • Building year: 1910/11
  • Usable area: 1.170 m2
  • Top floor area: 300 m2
  • Living units: 8 (thereof 4 act as portfolio)

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