The reference „Matzendorf Community Center“

The new community center in Matzendorf-Hölles was not only developed as a community center that can accommodate the bureaucracy - but a meeting place for all generations.

The new community center should be a barrier-free place of communication. A place for a wide variety of activities and events. Therefore, next to the municipal office, a cultural center in the central area of the new town center as well as a post office, a community doctor, library, a shop, a bar and a restaurant with terrace is housed.

Meeting place for generations - glass, stone and green spaces create a great atmosphere.

Strong stone elements, elegant glass surfaces and two greened, wave-shaped building elements, which lead to the central square in front of the community center, the clearly structured forecourt with sensibly arranged seating, information panels, parking facilities and the welcoming architecture persuaded the decision makers of the quality of the concept.


  • Design: 2013
  • Underground garage: 41 Stalls
  • Roof terrace: 100,00 m2
  • Municipal hall: 374,55 m2
  • Meeting room: 102,80 m2
  • Event hall: 120,80 m2
  • Walkways: 332,55 m2
  • Parking w green: 1.690,60 m2
  • Open forecourt: 472,85 m2
  • FF: 1.188,15 m2
  • UF: 598,15 m2
  • Building total: 1.786,30 m2

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